Plain Jane

I’ve recently acquired an obsession with everything Jane Birkin.  Jane stands out as particularly special to me not only because of her simple yet impeccable style, but the attitude with which she pulls it off.  I feel like I would still have fallen in love with her fashion-sense if she was wearing a baggy plaid shirt and trousers, because she portrays this innocence yet natural sensuality through her body language. I’ve learned a lot through watching Jane Birkin, like how understated sensuality can be very powerful in and of itself; it’s not what you wear, but how you carry yourself that counts.

Besides good genes, Jane’s comfortability and confidence in what she wears was (and still is) her biggest style asset.  It allows her to wear a simple t-shirt and jeans and carry only a woven basket, but still look impeccable.  I also love how she doesn’t try to enhance or  take attention away from her smaller assets.  Her confidence with falling outside the norm both in regards to beauty and her personality is so incredibly sexy!

So, you can see I have an obvious obsession.  A healthy obsession I’d say since it’s exposed me to French pop cuture, the Birkin Bag phenom, Slogan, and Serge Gainsbourg!

So, when I think Jane Birkin, I think loose natural fabrics, mini skirts and mini dresses, shirt-dresses, shifts, simple colours and prints, flats, low heels, and bare feet.  Take a look at the pics below to see what I mean:


You can see, her choices are simple – jeans and a t-shirt, one shift dress, and always only paired with one piece of subtle jewellery.  Even her purse is understated and mono-chromatic. However, it’s the cut of the items that makes each piece work.  The clothing is not too tight or loose; it fits in all the right places. This is a great style tip to adopt – well-fitted clothes make a look.  So no matter what look you try to pull off, remember, it’s the fit of the clothing that counts!

❤ Stephanie


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