Wear and When offers wardrobe consultations, which serve the following purposes:

  1. To teach you how to dress for your body type and how to pair items and accessorize your current wardrobe.
  2. To help you decide which items to keep, which items you should donate to charity, which to get tailored, etc.
  3. To help you decide what key, versatile pieces you should be purchasing for your wardrobe.

Our base consultation fee is $75 for up to three hours  This includes an audit of your current wardrobe and a clothing tutorial (on how to pair items and accessorize).  Jessica will suggest which items are working for you and which you should just let go. You also get a personalized “Top Ten” list of recommendations on your next purchases.

We are also available to help you shop for your Top Tens! For each hour of service, a $25 fee will be charged.

Through purchasing consultation services with Wear and When,  you will receive discount vouchers for the following stores:

  • Biscuit General Store (15% off any purchase below $200, 20% off any purchase above $200)

To set up your consultation today, please contact Jessica Herron.


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