Our Story

Wear and When Vintage was started in late December of 2011 by two students and entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia: Jessie Kang, who studies Medicine at Dalhousie University, and Stephanie Pronk, who studies Business and French at the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University.

Both had an absolute obsession for both vintage fashion and thrift-store shopping. Both loved to scour local shops and yard sales for beautiful dresses and one-of-a-kind accessories; so much so that their closets and homes were getting a little (read: a lot) overcrowded.

Thus, on one cold evening over the Winter Holidays, Wear and When was born. The premise? Wear and When was to sell only vintage or vintage-inspired items from (or reflective of styles from) 20 years ago or more. Items would be hand-picked, cleaned and prepped for sale, and clothes would be sold online on etsy.com.

After a month or two of successful sales, both Jessie and Steph had to put Wear and When on hold due to other commitments. But, their passion for Vintage did not subside. Finally, in September 2012, Stephanie enrolled in an Entrepreneurial Start-up course that would force her to make Wear and When a successful venture.

To her surprise (and delight!), in one of the very first classes, she was approached by Jessica Herron, another Business Student at SSB SMU, who was interested in a partnership; Jessica had oodles of merchandising, consultation and display experience from Biscuit General store, and wanted to use her experience to offer Wardrobe Consulting services.

And with that, Wear and When became a fearsome trio of Vintage Vixens!  Now, they hope to take Halifax (and beyond) by storm with their beautiful treasures.  Take a browse in their online shop, contact Jessica for a Wardrobe Consultation, or read their Blog!


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